Construction of a large vessels berth, Niedersachen Ports, Emden, Germany


In order to handle the increasing number of cargo, a new berthing terminal is required in Emden. This is planned to bridge the gap between two existing quays with a quay length of approximately 340 m. The berthing area will have a depth of 17.2 m. Subsoil conditions are characterised by extremely soft layers, leading to the need for extensive construction methods combining a sheet pile wall with a deeply grounded shield plate. To cater for the large berthing ships, extensive dredging measures and reclamation works for the new terminal area are to be carried out. A new land-based infrastructure with the relocation and construction of a reclamation pipeline has to be created.

  • Client :Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
  • Construction Costs :Approx. 55 Mio.€
  • Period :2015 - Ongoing
  • Scope of Services : Object and structural design